Oak Solutions strategic direction for Strengthening Partnerships and Collaboration.

We strengthen existing partnerships and collaborations while creating new ones. We know where we want to go and we make sure the right people know about it. More Value adding networks and linkages needs to be built at local, regional and international levels for Oak Solutions to reposition itself as a viable and vibrant organization.

Oak Solutions and Umoja Refugees Group  signed an MoU to collaborate on Sustainable Livelihood for Urban Refugees Program.

Oak Solutions Centre open door policy encourages fruitful deliberations with representatives from different organizations on possible areas of Partnerships.

Oak Solutions Centre and a team from JRS – Jesuit Refugee Services

Oak Solutions Centre and Danish Refugee Council Representatives at Oak Solutions Centre Offices

Oak Solutions Center representative and a team from Education for Peace and Life Transformation Kenya at American Corner.

American Corner in Nairobi is one of the American Spaces created by the US embassy in Kenya as open-access learning and gathering places around the world that promote interaction – both in-person and virtual – among local audiences and the United States.

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