Our Approach

At Oak Solutions, our goal is to empower vulnerable and marginalized members of society into self-reliance. Empowered people take control of their lives by setting goals and taking actionable steps to achieve them. They not only understand how to get things done but also are confident, focused, and comfortable making decisions that guide them toward their future.

Social Equity

  • Access to knowledge, education, and literacy
  • Access to psychosocial support addressing ones emotional, social, mental, and spiritual needs – all essential elements of positive human development.
  • Access to space for cultural assertion and spiritual welfare, peace programs, 
  • Local self-reliance, autonomy in the decision-making of communities and direct participatory democracy, 
  • Participation in leadership and decision-making processes by all people, and in particular women and youth

Economic Viability

  • Financial literacy and inclusion
  • Access to income, assets and credit facilities and the capacity to create credit facilities: Economic empowerment through formation of a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society and, Village Savings, and Loan Associations (VSLA).
  • Access to work; employment/self-employment.
  • Business skills training and access to markets

Enabling Environmental

Environmental Protection: Ecosystems provide services on which vulnerable and marginalized communities rely disproportionately for their well- being and basic needs. These communities also depend on the environment to earn incomes in sectors such as agriculture, through both formal and informal markets.

  • Climate smart agribusiness
  • Capacity to achieve food self-sufficiency and sustain it.

Political Environmental:

  • Women’s human rights, Refugee rights etc
  • Economic integration of urban refugees