Social Equity


Through the Gift a Book Change Lives Initiative Oak Solutions established a space that promotes interaction both in-person and virtual among local audiences-refugees, women and youth to foster creativity, innovation and engagement. 

Open-access learning and gathering place that delivers compelling programs and activities on a wide range of themes and topics everything from free internet access to objective news publications to advanced technology to programs on freedom of cultural expression.

Objective: Capacity Strengthening through Information dissemination to Refugees, Women and Youth as a human right.

Activities: Make resource materials accessible on Major Thematic Topics:

  • Family Planning-Reproductive Health & Gender Based Violence
  • Information Booklet on Refugee Rights/Popular version of Refugee Act of 2021 to help refugees figure out the complexities of a new environment and understand refugee rights e.g. The Refugee Act of 2021. (There is a knowledge gap on the refugee Act in Kenya and therefore Oak Solutions proposes to make relevant documentations accessible to refugees).
  • Nutrition Messages
  • Diversity Campaign & Ethical Considerations when using digital tools to produce content
  • Communicating Climate Change

Output: Increased knowledge and information access through information dissemination

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