Economic Recovery

The creativity of our program approach matches the unique nature of our operating environment and beneficiaries. The vulnerable are forced to create economic opportunities for themselves. Our approach is a hybrid of the Graduation model targeting families living in poverty and the Pathfinder model with a focus on post- secondary training. At Oak Solutions Centre we work closely with the vulnerable refugees, women and the youth to develop life skills and empower them in overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges. The smartest way to solve the world’s toughest challenges is by investing in livelihood and self-reliance programs. Read more

Health and Environment

Environment provides land, water, air, energy resources and forests which when taken care of improves our mental wellbeing. Evidence also shows that Climate change and related disasters cause anxiety-related responses. Read more

Peace and Security

Climate change is considered by many as among the greatest risks for peace and security in the 21st century. Oak Solutions promotes cohesive relationships with host community structures. Read more


Through a coordinated advocacy strategy, we believe that we can multiply the scope of our impact to influence policies. Read more