Oak Solutions Team & Strategies

Oak Solutions advisory board members are seasoned leaders who bring innovative solutions to the organization and reinforce Oak Solutions’ commitment to transparency, accountability, ethics, and fairness in our relationship with all stakeholders; – Human Resource Consultant, Project Management & Strategic Planning, Finance, Resource Mobilization, Monitoring & Evaluation and Information technology specialist.

The Board of Advisors brings experience, vision, and integrity and is committed to upholding high standards of governance. The board drives our decision-making process and facilitates the pursuit of our strategic goals and ambitions by providing advice on policy, advocacy, fundraising, and public relations.

Advisory Board

team-oak-solutions-patricia oak board of advisors chairperson

Patricia Adhiambo

Chair, Oak Solutions  Advisory Board

Patricia Adhiambo has more than 14 years of experience within the financial services industry, a seasoned banker and good governance expert. She is passionate about issues facing girls and refugees’ women’s education and women in business and serves with Mrembo Effect initiative dedicated to making gender balance and women mentorship.

“Appropriate information can bring a lot of change in peoples’ life, I encourage the vulnerable persons (refugees, women and youth) to share their plight through testimonial’s to enhance awareness and sensitize the society on their condition to enlighten and empower others.”

Rachael Ndune

Vice Chair – Monitoring and Evaluation 

A monitoring and evaluation professional with Masters(MA) – Project Planning and Management.She has over 12 years’ experience in Monitoring and Evaluation systems having worked with different organizations and successfully delivering high profile Livelihood, Humanitarian, Agriculture, Food Security and WASH programs. USAID-KHCP(Fintrac); Project Manager- M&E/ Capacity Building where she developed and managed M&E systems in 3 regions (Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western Kenya).        RTI International; Project Coordinator- MEL Programs for Market Systems Activity- Monitoring and Evaluation of livelihood interventions in market systems with County Governments. SoCha, LLC; Project Specialist- Monitoring and Verification- Managed monitoring activities in the resilient zones implementing humanitarian activities.  Rachael loves to work with the local communities, to serve the less privileged and create positive impact into people’s lives.

Advisory Board Members meeting


Victor  Olukwo  Wakhungu

Chief Executive Officer/Secretary, Oak Solutions Centre Advisory Board

A skilled accountant with over 8 years’ experience in project management; coordinated Community Based Rehabilitation Africa Network bringing together organizations that work with persons with disability in Africa with the theme, “A bridge to an inclusive society”, funded by World Health Organization. Victor works to move the organization’s vision and mission forward. Leads the team develop a funding strategy, encourage better overall responsibility, enhance and consolidate relations with UN agencies, NGOs and local authorities.

Margaret Kyalo, Digital innovation

A Design Thinking coach with extensive experience in developing digital space strategies for companies, rapid innovation processes, creating and marketing NFTs projects, web design and development. She has a Master of Science and currently undertaking a PhD in Bio-geosciences.

“This is an amazing season and time; we must seize the moment and respond to the global injustice in a more holistic approach to cohesion with initiatives which bring key stakeholders in the field of refugees  forums on a regional and global basis through innovations that Inform, consult and engage with refugees, women and youth for actions well rooted in the community”.

Charles Mugwaneza

Urban Refugee Program

Charles is a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com), Finance graduate from University of Kigali-Rwanda.A successful accountant who pays attention to details with extensive experience working with talented teams and delivering solutions. Develops clear policies for programme implementation and internal controls.

“I appreciate the learning culture at Oak Solutions Centre. We are open to learning from others and to sharing our lessons and best practices with other agencies doing similar work. I also enjoy the organization’s flexibility, which allows me to intervene quickly when I come across a compelling case.


Oak solutions volunteers make an invaluable difference in integration of our activities.

Janet Nyamwiza

Oak Solutions Climate Change Champion.

Janet plays a vital role in guiding refugees towards a more sustainable future while spearheading progressive environmental protection – leads the Oak Solutions green team.

Alice Manyana

Oak Solutions Mental Health & Nutrition Champion.

Alice is an eye opener for many families especially expectant mothers on how to handle gender based violence and nutrition, offering over three years of extensive experience of working with the vulnerable persons (refugees’ women) She develops and implements new behavioral strategies and plans.


Oak Solutions has a comprehensive internship program which is in line with the overall vision of the organization. Interns receive exposure and experience in Oak Solutions Centre programs for a specified period to develop their skills, abilities and knowledge and shape their character so that they can join full-time staff at Oak Solutions Centre or elsewhere. 

Oak Solutions Strategies

  • Creation of Social Prestige and use of Volunteers; The creation of social prestige and recognizing women, youth in community and increasing their self-confidence. Building capacity for women and youth is “prestige and social standing”; this is the main factor which increases their knowledge and awareness. 
  • Oak Solutions Centre utilizes gender transformative approaches to create positive change for women and their communitiesOur focus is to raise the status of women and girls through awareness, training and investing in local solutions to transform their lives, families and communities. Climate change is not gender neutral.  It affects men and women differently, research indicates that women and girls experience the greatest impacts of climate change, which amplifies existing social inequalities and poses unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety.
  • Oak Solutions Community based participatory is an approach that emphasize on community empowerment as an important tool. This helps communities work to prevent social problems and to deal directly with those that do arise. Community change represents the potential to generate greater impact and higher return on investment in economic and social policy. Authentic and inclusive community engagement is part of the solution in achieving shared aspirations for our future.